Odette Malkoun First Lebanese Female To Earn Gold At Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship


Lebanon has taken part in this year’s Abu Dhabi World’s Professional BJJ championship with an unprecedented number of athletes compared to the previous years. One purple belt, three blue belts and several white belts from different weight categories took part in the 7th installment of WPJJC in the Capital of JiuJitsu.

Odette Malkoun, the multi martial arts competitor is no stranger to combat sports. She holds a three Dan black belt in taekwondo and also practiced judo for 6 years, where she competed in martial arts. Being a combat sports fanatic, the 26 year old Lebanese started training Jiu Jitsu only 6 months ago under Sensei Rabih Samara at Ace Jiu Jitsu.

Looking for a new challenge, Odette decided to compete in one of the biggest and toughest BJJ tournaments in the world as her starting ground, Abu Dhabi world’s pro. Odette Malkoun made history, becoming the first lebanese female to snatch gold at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiujutsu championship. Malkoun submitted all of her opponents and reached the top of the podium.

“I have attended international competitions before” she said. “But this one was the best in terms of organization, especially when you consider the number of participants. I gained a lot from this experience and I will surely be there next year. I would like to thank my coach Rabih Samara from Ace jujitsu and Michel Amer from Knockout Academy for giving me the chance to participate in this competition.”

A great example for Arab women BJJ players!

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