Philippe Massoud First Al Academiya 2 Finalist

Be sure to tune in to this week’s episode of the show


For those of you who have been closely following Al Academiya, surely, the last episode of Desert Force Al Academiya season 2 was a special episode, for more than one reason, which will be stated below.

First of all, a good match up took place between both Mohammad Ali from Abdul Kareem Alselwady’s red team, against Phillip Massoud from Aziz Julaidan’s green team, where both competitors brought it all to the table, leaving nothing behind in three rounds of non-stop action and some eye-catching striking performances from both competitors, namely Massoud with Muay Thai and Ali with boxing. The match up crowned Phillip Massoud the victor, the fact which brings us to the second reason that adds a tint of a special something to the episode.

Massoud is now officially the first contestant to now make it to the finals. After a couple of good performances from Massoud, especially the last one against a very good opponent in Mohammad Ali, it will be interesting to see how far the Muay Thai practitioner and Kickboxing champion latter will go, possibly making it all the way to the finals.

Be sure to tune in to this week’s episode of the show to follow up on whose next to make it to the final Desert Force Al Academiya 2 event in Saudi Arabia this December.

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