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Ramadan Noaman and Abdullah Boushehri pulled apart at Wawan MMA in Kuwait

Ramadan Noaman and Abdullah Boushehri had to be pulled apart as they squared off ahead of their lightweight clash in Kuwait.

The heated face-off took place at the Exhibition Ground as part of the WAWAN MMA championship main event public weigh-ins. It all began when the Egyptian Noaman issued a challenge to any Kuwaiti fighter ready to face him, after he defeated Sulaiman Al Mudhayan earlier this year at Evolution Championshio, Egypt. Boushehri was quick to accept and the fight was booked as the main event of today’s WAWAN MMA professional event.

Watch the video to get a clearer sense of what happened!!!

Adel Wawan, owner of WAWAN MMA made sure to share his thoughts on the incident, confidently stating that his is part of the show which helps promote the fight and bring more attention to the event as a whole. Wawan assured that once all is said and done, the relationship between both fighters will be brotherly.

As part of the press conference each of the fighters made a statement regarding the reason behind all this hype. Noaman stated that he is coming to take the belt and leave, clearly explaining that his is a personal challenge between him and Boushehri and not at all an issue between Egypt and Kuwait.

Boushehri took his turn in shooting back saying:

“Ramadan claimed there are no skilled Kuwaiti fighters, and said I am not an MMA fighter. Let him see for himself in the cage!”

The event takes place tonight at the Exhibition Ground – Hall 8. Join us anytime for an unlimited entertainment experience. WAWAN MMA starts at 8PM – Kuwait time.

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