Rami Aziz: A Legit Threat Added to Desert Force Featherweight Division!


Featherweights division is getting deeper and deeper in Desert Force with three new additions featured in the latest event. From Saloum’s scrappy yet rugged performance versus the knuckleheaded Narmouq, to Rami’s Aziz’s grappling seminar. 66 KG division is getting serious!

Previously, promotional staples like Polvo and Aniss Hajjajy have each displayed phenomenal grappling skills on several occasions, but it’s time to add a new name to that short list.

Rami Aziz, the new-comer in the division, proved that he is a force to be reckoned with. Taking down his opponent seemingly at will and leaving him with few options, Rami made sure not to over-commit to anything and risk any counter-attacks.

Aziz succeeded in taking down his opponent several times in all three rounds, but was hesitant to go for the kill, which leaves us asking, what would happen if he faced one of the better Jujitsu practitioners in the division, such as Yousef “Octopus” Alhamad for example? Maybe even the winner between the current champ Alselwady and Julaidan .

Aziz floored Cadet multiple times proving his point. From a selfish point of view, and we will surely enjoy seeing him in the near future fighting the division’s best.
Aziz To

“I hope to get a fight in Next Desert Force in Beirut. I didn’t show the best of me in my debut at Desert Force. But I am here to stay and get the title. I want that Selwady holding the Shield safe for me, cause I’m coming for it!”

“I am the best featherweight fighter at Desert force. If you don’t believe me , let me fight the best.”

Aziz serves as a serious threat to anyone in the featherweight division. A title shot is surely not in the short term, but maybe 1-2 fights with the same performance and we will have a contender. A fight versus the “Octopus” Yousef Alhamad will be a good match up to test Aziz against one of the best Jiu Jitsu guys in Desert Force.

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