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Rami Hamed victorious at Fighting Force 10

Rami Hamed at Fighting Force 10

Rami Hamed was victorious in his most recent fight. At Fighting Force 10 he stopped Julio Cesar Diaz Forero by taking out his leg. 

Rami Hamed vs. Julio Cesar Diaz Forero – fight recap

This welterweight matchup was featured on the joint card co-promoted by both Titan FC and Fighting Force promotions. 

The Lebanon fighter targeted his opponent’s leg from the get-go. Both fighters were exchanging blows. However, Hamed ensured that he added a low kick hitting Forero’s left leg between them. This strategy paid off when after one of the kicks Julio Cesar Diaz Forero fell to the ring canvas. Rami Hamed grabbed the opportunity and delivered a couple of hammer fists to the grounded foe. The referee stopped the fight at 1:23 of the very first round. 

A four-fight winning streak of the Lebanon fighter

This was Hamed’s fourth consecutive win. The Lebanon fighter is unbeaten since May 2020. He had this to say about his recent victory: 

“I Am always trying to grow, be dynamic, and use different and new tools in every fight.

I am taking each fight at a time, focusing on growing and becoming better and entertaining the crowd with every performance!”

Interestingly enough, this was Hamed’s second consecutive win secured by the heavy usage of leg kicks. At Titan FC 76 he dismissed Jimi Alberto Diaz Zuleta with the same strategy. That win came at a similar time mark of 1:22 in the opening round. It looks like this game plan works just fine for him. 

Rami Hamed won four of his last five bouts. His last loss took place at Brave CF 33, where he was submitted by Issa Isakov. Since then he won four consecutive bouts. Two of them ended after he took out his opponent’s mobility. Brave CF and Titan FC veteran has a 12 – 3, 1 NC record, and considering his last performances it should be just a matter of time before he will get attention from other promotions. 

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