The Revolution Fighting Champion (RFC) is the First International Mixed Martial Arts League in the MENA Region.

RFC’s objective is to organize world class professional sporting events aimed at exposing and elevating Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as a professional sport throughout the Middle East & North Africa.


By organizing professional events of this size, RFC establishes solid grounds and creates the appropriate infrastructure for fighters in the region to showcase their skills and expertise and encourage them to further develop their areas of specialty through fair competition and diverse engagement.

In efforts to support the development of our communities, particularly youths, RFC is an initiative to FIGHT “DRUG ABUSE” – FIGHT DRUGS with SPORTS.

This initiative utilizes the interest and passion of youths for this sport to encourage them and drive their appetite towards living well, staying healthy and fighting addiction.


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  • I am Mohammed mixed martial arts trainer of the bjj
    Trainer International Union Team
    We want to participate in this tournament how are conditions of participation

  • Hello guys,how it’s going??i hope everything’s going allright,well guys im a moroccan fighter i have 28 years old it’s been 8 years i practice Kick-boxing and muay thai now start practice BJJ and graplpling,i have brown belt in kick boxing and i participated at many events in morocco and now i want to start fighting in other chanpionships and i heard about your RFC and i want to know how can i come and fight there,i like fighting and show my skills,well guys i hope ill hear from you very soon,you can contact me by email if you need any informations,have a gread day guys…Faical : the bad boy.