SBG Fighter Confident of Defeating Kooheji In Front of Bahraini Fans

BRAVE Combat Federation is set to have its first event for 2022 as the Kingdom of Bahrain will be hosting the 57th edition of BRAVE on 11 March 2022. The main event features Hamza Kooheji of Bahrain facing Brad Katona who trains out of Straight Blast Gym, Ireland.

The tensions are all-time high as KHK MMA Fight Team has a strong backing from combat sports superstars from Dagestan who had beef with Conor McGregor who fought out of SBG Ireland. Hamza Kooheji will be fighting for the title in front of his family, friends, and Bahrainis against the SBG fighter.

In Bahrain, Katona has fired the first shot as he claims that he has better wrestling skills than the KHK MMA fighter. The Canadian fighter also claimed that he is the best bantamweight fighter in the world just like Conor who was humbled and humiliated by Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Canadian fighter claimed that he will be able to defeat the Hamza Kooheji in his hometown, which translates to defeating the Bahraini fighter in front of his friends and family. While Kooheji has maintained respect and dignity unlike the SBG Fighter, it is certain that the KHK MMA Fight team will not take the alcohol-induced blabber of the SBG Team lightly.

Earlier, Kooheji had received massive support from all across the Kingdom of Bahrain with veterans, celebrities, and MMA fighters predicting his dominating win at BRAVE CF 57. Arabs MMA predicts that the wrestling skills and cageside guidance from their respective fight team will be crucial in this bout with Kooheji having an advantage with much experienced Eldar Eldarov on his side.

The question remains will Katona face the same fate just like most of his teammates at Straight Blast Gym Ireland who tend to run their mouths and end up tapping and begging for mercy from Team Dagestan. Whom do you think will win, Bahrain or Straight Blast Gym with a Canadian fighter to save face?

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