Shogun 2016: Passion, Appreciation, and Inspiration


A tight team of friendship and talent held one of the warmest celebrations of the New Year with their 35 year old traditional Shogun gathering on the first day of 2016 in Furn el Chubak. The team made their way late on Friday afternoon for a special evening of awards, upgrades, and friendly training.

The steamy and light hearted atmosphere met with laughs, love, and loyalty as team members from around the country joked around, rejoiced, and showed appreciation for the sport and their well respected Teachers as the ceremony unfolded.

Master Sami Kiblawi dressed in his red and gold traditional Muay Thai attire gracefully gave sincere uplifting and motivating words as he conducted the ceremony of KHAN upgrading to the one and only major sponsor of mixed martial arts in Lebanon, the man who needs no introduction, Chahe Yerevanian. Yerevanian has shown exceptional skill climbing the ladder within Muay Thai as furiously as he conducts his business ventures earning himself un upgrade to KHAN 7 ( Blue and White Prajeat ). The other special expression of upgraded skill set was awarded to the Lebanese Muay Thai Federation Vice president and well known businessman Mr. Anthony Baladi who earned himself a KHAN 10 ( Red Mongkon ).

Master Kiblawi also handed out several awards to those who have proved themselves throughout the year in the sport and within the gym. Fady Al Halaby, Serge Saad, Nour Salman, Tony Andrawos and Aly Makhzoum were among those who received awards for their relentless efforts. Amongst the crowd the usual suspects such as Mohamad Karaki, Mohamad Ghorabi, Manal Salman, Yussef Aboud, Anthony Zeidan, Ziad Sinno , Ramy Hamed and many more, showing support for their extended family.

It ended with the cutting of a massive cake for all to enjoy in an inspiring heartfelt celebration of each member’s existence and a sense of an epic year to come for all those blessed to call themselves a part of Team Shogun. Wishing you all a wonderful year!

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