Smells like Desert Force in Beirut


August is Just around the corner and Desert Force promotion could very well land in Beirut for the first time. Then again if not this august, December would be a tastier date when local champion Mohamad Karaki faces the current middleweight champion Ibrahim Elsawi.

Desert Force CEO and COO visited Lebanon last week and met up with the pillars of MMA, Mr. Khalil Nassour, head of the lebanese MMA committee, and Mr. Chahe Yerevanian of Sayfco holding, the latest sponsor for team shogun.

Lebanon is a country that never sleeps, it’s known for its ski infused mornings and a sunset by the beach nights. Being the mother land of the Basketball champions, Lebanon is no foreigner when it comes to dominating international sports. Being the breeding ground of some of the best talents in the region, the match ups could only be so good for this possible fight card.


If Desert Force 18 lands a deal with the Phoenicians, beautiful bouts and fighters are rumored to take place.

Elie Elrayyis Vs Tarek Hamdi has been in the rumor mill for a while and I personally think this is the perfect venue to make this rematch happen. With the first battle taking place in Amman, Hamdi’s hometown, Elrayyis will gladly welcome the Jordanian in Beirut. Both fighters want this fight.


With Shogun’s rising star demanding respect and stature with 2 consecutive wins in the promotion, Rami Hamed could very well be the next big thing in the welterweight division. A fight against someone with George Eid’s experience not only puts him under his biggest test so far, it will match 2 of the toughest MMA schools in the country.

The next rumor we’re hearing is that the Lebanese bulldozer will face The Russian/ Lebo Machine; this striking matchup could be the bloodiest of the night.

They say that it’s not a shame to fail, but it’s a greater shame to stay where you are. One of the exciting rumors so far hovering over Desert Force 18 Lebanon is quite interesting. Returning back to fight his original weight light heavyweight and thirsty to gloat his prowess, the PREDATOR BAAKLINI, might come back and fight at light heavyweight.

Stay tuned on ArabsMMA to know more!

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