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Spider Team Co-Founder Ahmad Makki Talks MMA/Desert Force KSA

The sport is definitely growing fast in the region, and Saudi Arabia is no exception.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in the world. The sport is definitely growing fast in the region, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. The country has so many teams and fighters especially in Jeddah and Riyadh.

ArabsMMA travels the Arab world looking for talents and one talent to shed the light on is definitely Ahmad Makki.

Ahmad Makki is a Saudi Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and co-founder of Spider Team in Jeddah along with his partner Mohammad Al Najjar.

Makki Started Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Jeddah in 2007 with a Dutch coach that was teaching there, with a background in kung fu and kickboxing. Sooner after that he realized the importance of having a solid grappling game for Mixed Martial Arts and started shifting his focus to include more grappling art.

In 2012, Makki moved to the United states, and when ArabsMMA asked him why he said:

“I moved there for two reasons, to continue my education, and to train Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)”.

He currently trains with Black House MMA. A huge team that is home for many legendary fighters such as Anderson Silva.

When asked about who is the face of Mixed Martial Arts in Saudi, Makki replied:

“I think there is no particular face for Saudi Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) yet, but I think Spider team is the most famous MMA team in the country. Mohammad Najjar and I started this team and now we have Abdulahed Abdulmajeed who fights in desert force.”

We asked Makki how he feels about Desert Force visiting Saudi and he said:

“I think it is a very big step for MMA in Saudi, as it is very important to us to show how big MMA is here and to encourage more people to join the sport. You will see a lot of spider team members soon in desert force. We are trying to fit them in December event.”

About him being in DFC fight card in December Mekki said:

“Hopefully, I am still waiting for confirmation. I want to fight and I did a lot of kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to prepare for it. I also am fighting in the states so I have good experience now”

It is important to mention that spider team works with many coaches to provide the most specific high level training to their fighters, such as, coach Adel Johali for wrestling, professor Serje and Mohammed Dabbas for Brazilain jiujitsu, Coach Abdulrahem and Yousef Sharon for boxing and Coach Khalid and Rami for Muay Thai.

For final words Mekki said:

“My message, for the responsible people in Saudi Arabia is to start focusing and give more support for the sport, because we have talented people. And for everyone in Saudi is to start looking for self-defense sports because it’s beneficial for everyone in all ages.”

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