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Tarek Suleiman survives El Sawi’s powerful strikes, gets second-round submission

tarek suleiman phoenix 4 victory

After barely any action from Tarek Suleiman in the first round, he came roaring back in the second, and it was Ibrahim El Sawi who paid the price.

At Phoenix 4 Dubai, Tarek Suleiman stepped inside the cage to face Ibrahim El Sawi in a fight that was certainly a main event of its own for the Arab hardcore Mixed Martial Arts fans who tuned in to watch the event.

A worthy victory price was potentially on the line for both Suleiman and El Sawi as the Phoenix Fighting Championship president, Mr. Chahe Yerevanian, promised that the bout winner would receive the opportunity to face the undefeated former Desert Force middleweight and light-heavyweight champion, Mohammad “O Lutador” Karaki, at a later Phoenix Fighting Championship event that is yet to be announced possibly for 2018.

In the opening round of the fight, El Sawi was, as expected, able to pressure Suleiman with his intimidating striking ability. Being the powerful grappler that he is, Suleiman was able to take El Sawi down and threaten him for a finish. El Sawi gained some confidence in his defensive grappling ability, as he was able to scramble away from Suleiman taking his back, and eventually landing into Suleiman’s guard, finishing the round safely.

In the second, El Sawi came in strong once again putting pressure on Suleiman, but ultimately, Suleiman’s superior grappling landed him a heel hook submission later on in the round, forcing the Egyptian to tap, unofficially declaring Suleiman next in line to face Mohammad Karaki for what is sure to be yet another, and possibly even bigger super fight.

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