Tahar Hadbi responds to Mohammad Fakhreddine’s latest verbal slurs!


Mohammad Fakhreddine wants to avenge his loss against Tahar Hadbi, and Hadbi seems ready to take up the challenge to prove he is rightfully supreme. The pair met at Brave 10: The Kingdom of Champions, where Hadbi (14-7-0) managed to hand Fakhreddine (10-2-0) his first defeat at Brave Combat Federation, and his second defeat overall. Following that fight, Tahar Hadbi came up short against Jarrah Al Selawi as part of the Fakhreddine-Hadbi-Selawi race to becoming the #1 welterweight challenger.

Following Hadbi’s loss, Fakhreddine and Habbi have been somewhat ramping up their campaign for a rematch.

If you’ve been following the Fakhreddine-Hadbi saga, you must have come across Fakhreddine’s demeaning message to Hadbi, asking him to deal with the loss and to get ready for a rematch.

Commenting on Fakhreddine’s video, Tahar Hadbi told Fakhreddine that these were not excuses, and he that all he was saying is that he was out of shape. Hadbi mentioned that rematches can happen and in case the rematch happens, he will absolutely finish Fakhreddine again:

Tahar Hadbi:

“Mohammad Fakhreddine, you are right it’s not an excuse, I just said I was not in my best shape because lot of people in France have been asking me what happened, so I explain to them. Jarrah Al Selawi won this time and congrats to him!

And of course, we are all in the same division so fights can happens again, win ur next fight and InShaAllah I will finish you again 100% if I don’t get a better name than you, and for sure in our division we have better names to KO than yours.”

Here’s what Fakhreddine had to say.

Mohammad Fakhreddine:

“Tahar Hadbi, there you go now that’s real talk and I can’t wait, it’s going to happen soon and its going to be a pleasure. You did win the fight, congrats, no excuses, but I am sure next time will be different. Keep thinking you have a better name till you’re on your back.”

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