Taher Hamdan |Desert Force will remain on top until others “become irrelevant.”


MMA is growing exponentially in the Middle-East region and as new organizations emerge, the most established, Desert Force, have released a vicious attack upon their rivals – indicating that they won’t go down without a struggle. According to Hamdan, they will remain on top until others “become irrelevant.” Recent statements made and words spoken by matchmaker Taher Hamdan have been loaded with fighting talk and now they have launched a full-scale verbal assault upon the industry, making some astonishing claims about fighters and their industry rivals.

As Desert Force approach their 25th televised show, their matchmaker has released a statement to the world which proudly defends their show calling it “the best” for Arab viewers and claims that others cannot exist without their product.

We refuse to sink to the level others have operated at in the industry. This is nothing new, we have been differentiating ourselves for the past 10 years, when everyone said it can’t be done.

New organizations now target our athletes in an attempt to give their own organization weight. This is something that makes us proud, everyone in the region knows that if you don’t have a Desert Force ingredient (be it athletes or former employees) in your MMA product you won’t succeed in the region. With that being said, it is important to understand that no one was “taken” from Desert Force.

In the lengthy statement which drops bomb after bomb, he name drops some of the biggest stars in Arab MMA and astonishingly claims that:

  • Hamza Kooheji, has breached his contract and is facing legal action.
  • Mohammed Fakhreddine, is not allowed to fight for anyone else unless Desert Force say so.
  • Mohammad Ghorabi & Tarek Suleiman have been given permission by Desert Force to fight just one bout in another organization.
  • Jarrah Al Selawi officially parted ways with Desert Force and chose not to accept the new contract offer.

Desert Force, who have received some recent criticism about their treatment of fighters and wages, also addressed this issue in the statement and defended their approach to the game, which they called the “right way”. They also expressed no regret over the departure of some of their best athletes, claiming that their product is the only one in the region which is able to “create and popularize MMA athletes in the Arab region to the rest of the world.”

As for the issue of money, Desert Force made their stance perfectly clear, slamming the “quick pay check” over “career” mentality which they suggested their former fighters have decided to pursue.

The statement continued:

Everyone wants more money; the fighter feels he deserves more and the organization wants to earn more, but what determines who gets what?

At Desert Force we have indicators for the fighters that determine their earnings, if athletes do not meet them then they are not in a position to earn what they demand. Talent alone is not enough in this industry.

They concluded their stunning statement by offering an olive branch to anyone other organizations who are willing to share their vision, promising they would “work with” these organizations to “ensure the correct diffusion for the sport and the best for the athletes”.
One thing is for sure, there will be some fallout from this statement, particularly regarding the legal issues and fighters rights to fight elsewhere and Arabs MMA will remain on the pulse to keep you updated and in the know.

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