Team Narmouq Prepares To Give Their Finest At Desert Force 17

As desert force 17 gets closer, Team Narmouq out of gladiator MMA Jordan is preparing to give their finest again.


As desert force 17 gets closer, Team Narmouq out of gladiator MMA Jordan is preparing to give their finest again. The team has competed in each and every event that happened in the region such as Cage Warriors, Desert Force, RFC, Al Batal, BEFC, JAC. Well known for their wrestling and grappling, this team continuously takes part in several grappling, boxing, and sanda local events.

DF 17 will be one of the top events that takes place in Jordan. The crowds are yearning for it, and now, Desert Force is back with a stacked fight card pitting a handsome of Jordanian fighters.

Three fights on the Desert Force 17 fight card will feature “Team Narmouq” fighters:

Ali Al Qaisi vs. Jalal Al Daaja
Al Qaisi is making his professional debut after dominating the main event at JAC against Mohammad Seeto from Makhai MMA Academy. Al Qaisi the king of Jordanian Sanda will face Al Daaja, the king of Jordanian kickboxing. The two will not meet in a ring, they will meet in an MMA fight inside the octagon. Both fighters know each other very well, so I guess this one will be a bloody fight.

Saddam Abu Ragheb Vs Silvester Saba
Saddam is a new comer and Saba is a Desert Force veteran. Saba has faced against the champions of the light weight such as Haider Rasheed, Tareq Hamdi, and Mohammad Triki. He recently dropped down to featherweight to fight Abu Ragheb, fresh off a TKO victory in Cage Warriors. Saddam is a tough wrester with a strong body, and he will probably try to dominate the fight with his wrestling.

Nawras Abzakh Vs Abdel Ali Hariri
Abdel Ali Hariri appears to be double the size of Nawras who had to cut weight for AL Batal to fight at lightweight. Nawras, coming from a victory against Coner Hignett in his pro debut at Cage Warriors, is bulking some muscles to fight at bantamweight this time. He is a master at his ground game and a high level wrestler, he has the ability to control the fight and submit his opponent whenever he wants. The boys are working on improving their striking game with Muhannad Deeb who is one of the best boxing coaches in the region. Timour Narmouq the founder of team narmouq said:

“I trained with guys who are fighting at the UFC such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Sultan Aliev, and I guess Nawras Abzakh has the talent and will get there. Who knows what the future has for Abzakh!”

Team Narmouq head coach Timour Narmouq added:

“This event will be held in Jordan and we will make the impossible to win our fights, my fighters are more than ready me and Muhannad gave them our best and we will not allow anyone to steal the joy of winning from us. Everyone who faced us knows how tough we are. e hate losing and we will prove that we are one of the best in the middle east”

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