Thabet Agha Talks Fakhreddine / Ghorabi / Dropping To Welterweight


Desert Force “Al Academiya” Finale had the perfect crowd pleasing matchup which had everyone in the arena on their feet. A very close fight between Fakhreddine and Thabet Agha ended in unfortunate knee injury in the second round making Thabet unable to continue the fight and Crowning Mohammad Fakhreddine as the first Desert Force Middleweight Interim Champion.

Thabet Agha was very impressed with Fakhreddine’s spirit and sportsmanship saying:


My injury really messed with my head when it happened, but I was very content with Fakhro’s reaction on the spot. I always knew he was an honorable man, in an industry were few have no idea what respect is. As I watched the fight again, it was obvious that the crowd were enjoying the fight and I would love to give them this feeling again before I drop to welterweight again.

Thabet had no comments concerning the Lightweight Al academiya Finale but was very impressed with the Welterweight Finale pitting Team Shogun’s Lebanese beast Mohammad Ghorabi Vs The Moroccan Belharch.

I was very impressed with the welterweight matchup between Mohammad ghorabi and Azzedine belharch. Ghorabi’s proved again and again that he will not be denied! When i drop to 77 kg it would be my pleasure to face someone with the power and determination of Mohammad. Great performance!

Will the crowd get to see a rematch before Thabet Agha Drops to Welterweight Or will Fakhreddine move on to his next opponent, Desert Force Middleweight Champion HAshem Arkhaga to unify the title?!

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