Desert Force 12: Trash Talk Heating Up Between Ghorabi and Majri

Mohamad Ghorabi and Bechir Majri is arguably one of the most exciting fights to happen this year!


Desert Force officials have announced the final fight card for the Desert Force 12 event 2 weeks ago. Headlined by a 70 KG title fight between Haider Racheed and Tareq Hamdi, the Co-main event is what most people are excited to see between Mohamad Ghorabi and Bechir Majri, who will be fighting out of Tristar Gym/Coach Wissam Abi Nader, Lebanon. This is arguably one of the most exciting fights to happen this year!

Beef in the making! Solid hands are going to be thrown when Mohamad Ghorabi and Bechir Majri step into the Cage on April 28, but bombs of the verbal variety are already being launched. While the two welterweights are set to collide less than a weeks from now in Amman, the “war of the words” is well under way.

Mohamad Ghorabi

Bechir you believe that you are at an advantage since you train with non-Arabs. I will prove you wrong. International coaches might have more technical expertise and skills, but I promise you that you will be surprised. I am proud to be Arab and Lebanese and proud to fight out of Team Shogun.

Bechir Majri:

If Ghorabi wants to trash talk on Facebook, I will beat the hell out of him. This is not going to be a fight! Ghorbai, this will be a one sided punishment!

Majri had preciously mention to ArabsMMA that he would love to fight Ghorabi out of all the fighters! And with a recent interview with Ghorabi’s manager, he made it clear that this fight is not fair after his fighter was promised a title shot. One thing is for sure, if Ghorabi makes this fight look easy, i think every Welterweight fighter will look to move out of his way.

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