Tristar Gym Lebanon Receives A Special Visit


Tristar Gym Lebanon received a visit from a very special guest and a big fan of mixed martial arts fighting.

Through contacting coach Wissam Abi Nader several times and sharing his admiration for the Tristar team, Marcelino Saade, who happens to be physically challenged, showed no difficulty at all as he waltzed, invited as a guest of honor to Tristar Gym Lebanon.

Marcelino was able to personally meet all the fighters and athletes that train at the gym, especially his favorite of all, Georges “Buldozer” Eid,

Marcelino Saade and Georges Eid
Marcelino Saade and Georges Eid
who gave him a Mind Spike “Buldozer” shirt as a gift and sign of appreciation.

The team took the time to hang-out and converse with Marcelino as he also watched them train and took a small part in their training as well.

When asked, the entire team replied that Marcelino is a cool guy, full of positive spirit and makes his physical disability look almost in-existent.

It’s good to know how well Tristar Gym Lebanon’s team are close to their fans and the fans of mixed martial arts sport in general. This gym is surely always proving to be one of the best MMA gyms in the Middle East.

Best of luck to them.

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