Tristar Lebanon’s Youth To Take Part in the Lebanese White Weapon Youth Tournament

Tristar Gym Lebanon's young adults will participate in their first combat competition on Sunday October 12th.


Tristar Gym Lebanon’s heroic young fighters will participate in their first combat competition on Sunday October 12th. Coming from a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) background, the youngsters will be taking part in Lebanese White Weapon Youth Under 18 Tournament which has several rules similar to MMA.

This tournament will mark a valuable onset for all the kids in their forthcoming journey. We do wish all the kids who will be our future mixed martial arts stars and entertainers the best. They’re all winners.

ArabsMMA had the chance to sit and talk with some of the kids from Tristar Gym Lebanon participating in the tournament. Here is what they had to say:

1-What did you learn from mixed martial arts ?

Antonio Kawhach: The best part of mixed martial arts is that there’s always so much to learn. Mixed martial arts is a healthy sport that has helped me so much. It gave me the needed skills to be able to defend myself, helped me build up my confidence and taught me many important life values. MMA also taught me to react quickly and adapt to any situation I face because you never know what to expect.

2- What drives you to do mixed martial arts and to compete in this tournament ?

Georgio Fawaz: I have several reasons, but, perhaps one of the main reasons driving me now is self-achievement. I hope, after many, many years of training, that one day I can become a well-rounded fighter that every mixed martial arts fan knows and looks up to.

3-How do you feel prior to the tournament ?

Zareh Tchiroyan: I’m excited to fight in this tournament because I love competition. I think competing makes me stronger and helps me build up my confidence. I’m also pretty nervous about my upcoming fights, considering it’s the first time I fight. So, I have mixed feelings. However, I have been training very hard, especially these past few weeks and I hope to make a good impression that both the crowd and I can be proud of.

4-How are your preparations for the tournament ? Do you have a certain strategy or game-plan ?

Gergio Kassouf: I’ve been injured for a while now, but I still come to practice as often as I can. I don’t like missing practice because I always want to improve my techniques and knowledge in mixed martial arts. I also do other sports in in order to remain as fit I can be. The strategy I have in mind is the following:

Start out with strikes, get a good judo or wrestling style take down that lands clean and finally, finish up with ground and pound or submission.

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