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Izzeddine Derbane: Everyone Wants To See Me Fight Bandar

Episode 3 of Al Batal will feature the first lightweight fight for this season.


Episode 3 of Al Batal will feature the first lightweight fight for this season: Izzeddine Al Derbani (Team Baghdad) versus Bandar Yazan (Team Elbe). The choice of card has been made by Team Baghdad, the privileged winner of the latest fight.

Izzeldine Derbane From Team Source, Jordan is one of the few recognizable faces in the Arab World on Al Batal Season 2. Izzedine has previously fought in Cage Warriors on multiple occasions and was recruited by Al batal Team to represent Jordan in a life changing opportunity.

“Upon arrival I felt the deprivation … this was not gonna be an easy road”

He was handpicked by Mehdi Baghdad to join The Yellow Team, Team Baghdad.

“If it was up to me , I would’ve chosen Ray Elbe as my head coach, says Izzeldine Derbane after the first Episode of Al Batal is aired.”

As you may recall, the first episode witnessed the first fight, and the first defeat for Team Baghdad as Yousef Wehbeh comes short and loses to Morrocan Youness Mikkiss after 2 close rounds. Yet little did we know that Wehbeh was the last to join the house after arriving late to Abu Dhabi.

“My teammate Yousef barely had any time to settle down and train. He was the last to arrive to the house, 2 days before the fight as I remember”

According To Izzeldine, Yousef’s late arrival to the house had a huge impact on his performance. Wehbe who came all the way from Thailand to take part of the show seems to have encountered Visa issue which lead to an uncomfortable journey to Abu dhabi.

Team Baghdad owned the first loss in the first fight of the season. Yet, Tunisian teammate Sabil Rahali gained revenge in episode 2 TKO’ing his opponent Khalid Al Johani after much heated trash talk between the two.

“This win really meant alot to me. It was the first Team win delivered by one of the closest people tpo me in the House”

In tonight’s Episode , Ezzeddine will face the man with the BadBoy reputation in what promises to be the fight of the season according to the Black Team Coach , Ray Elbe. Will we see Ezzedine’s kickboxing out power the brawler spirit of Yazan? Will Izzeddine keep the victories going and add the first Lightweight win for his Team ?

” Everyone want to see who i really am ! Bandar has a history of making trouble , let’s wait and see what happens when he’s alone with me in the cage.”

Don’t miss episode 3 and stay tuned on for the replay!

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