Hani Chehimi Stepping Back in the Cage at Desert Force?


Shogun light heavyweight prospect Hani Chehimi made his professional debut at Desert Force 12 showing great skills with a TKO finish against Tunisian Jalal Menai. He has been earmarked by Mohammad Karaki as one of the guys to watch, and indeed he was. We haven’t heard about Hani ever since, where is the MMA artist now? Too far it seems!

Currently in Guangzhou China after graduating from LAU Beirut learning Mandarin, Hani is surely not wasting anytime. He located the closest gym to his workplace and goes to train there on a daily basis.

With Saudi Arabia Event coming up and rumors on another event in January it was only logical to check whether this new knuckle head from shogun gym will be around this time, and good thing is that he might be!


“Nothing is confirmed yet but I might be having a fight very soon with Desert Force”

After his first fight a lot of critics mentioned that Chehimi should be fighting at a lower class. Given the fact that his body can still pack more lean muscle at a lower weight and also since his teammate is champion in this category. When asked about a possible weight drop, Chehimi had this to say:

“Right now 93 Kgs feels like home to me, meaning that I’m comfortable in that weight class and don’t see any reason for me to drop down.”

An interesting fight for all the fight fans would be Chehimi Vs AbdelAli, two of the baddest fighters in this division who are ready to fight no matter where it ends. Yet Abdel Ali has had more experience, could this fight really be cooking for December?

“First of all Abdel Ali is one of those fighters, besides my team of course, that makes people around the world say Arabs have a decent and solid level when it comes to MMA. To me every fight presents a unique opportunity. That being said, I never look past anyone at any time or anyplace. Each fighter is a challenge that must be dealt with in a unique way since each opponent presents a unique match up or style if you may. In other words I don’t choose or handpick fight/fighters. I have a professional team behind that knows what’s best for me and I of course trust their decision.”

Stay tuned on for more updates on Hani Chehimi.

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