Tweet of the Week | Tarek Suleiman Calls Out Glenn Sparv Again

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Here’s an interesting Twitter call out | Almost 2 years after this fight was scrapped, Tiger Muay Thai’s Tarek Suleiman wants to make this happen in anyway. (Check Twitter Photo)

Suleiman has been wanting this fight since 2013. Originally set to take place at ‘Friday Night Fight Night’ on the 30th of August 2013 in Koh Samui Main Event, this fight never came to life.

This time of year, this fight could very well happen at ACB Absolute Championship Berkut as both fighters are ready to step in the cage, each with his own motive.

The records might look a bit off in terms of number of fights, yet its up to the related commissions to handle this issue.

Sparv who trains and fights out of AKA Thailand currently rides a 4 win streak with a professional MMA record of (11-3).

Suleiman (3-2) on the other hand is coming of a no contest fight against Christopher Silva at Desert Force 15 back in February. He was set to face Jarrah Alselawe at Desert Force 17, yet travel issues again stood in the way of making this bout.

Aside from this match up, another question pops up! Suleiman a very well known fighter under the Desert Force promotion seems to be looking for fights under different banners.

Could this mean we might stop seeing the Syrian Lion fighting in the region?

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