Dennis Mungai & Walid Seghir Join Al Batal Campus

Al batal fighters woke up to a surprise, 2 new fighters just joined campus


Al batal campers woke up to a surprise this week as two new fighters join the campus to replace two others who had to leave for personal and professional reasons.

Emad Hayan, CEO of AlBatal mentioned to ArabsMMA:

Following some injuries with fighters and family matters forcing others to leave, two new fighters will join the campus today: Walid seghir, a light weight JiuJitsu Black belt under Delariva from Algeria and denis mungai, a mixed martial artist originally from Morocco.

As if the house needed more to fight over, drama is created as the newcomers arrive.

Julien Antunes and Coach Ray Elbe had agreed to split those fighters accordingly whereby Team Baghad gets Mungai and Walid Seghir Joins Team Elbe.

This didn’t really slip as coach Mahdi came in objecting on the fact that such decision was taken without him being around, and called a fair voting to take place.

Even though the fighters are new, seems like Baghad wanted the black belt for a reason!

After some haggling, Julein decides to redo the lottery old style, this time with the presence of the two coaches. Each coach wrote a name on a sheet of paper, dropped it in a hat and guess what? Walid seghir is now in team baghdad, talk about luck.

Coach elbi washed the sadness laying on the couch while coach baghdad bragged about his win.

About Walid Seghir:
BJJ black belt Walid Seghir (70Kg), originally from Algeria, lives in France and holds the Palestinian struggle very close to heart. He created the “PalesTeam” brand which he is very proud of. As a fighter, he is very talented on the ground and has an impressive striking background. Walid is an amazing athlete with strong work ethics.

About Dennis Mungai:
Dennis Mungai (70Kg) was born and bred in Sweden but never had the chance to meet his father, who was originally from Morocco. Dennis likes to keep to himself and isn’t the friendliest character on the show. He was there for the chance to train with hardened vets of the sport and possibly become Al Batal, making friends was not on his agenda.

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