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  • Lebanese Fighters are the best Arab fighters. Tunisian and Jordanians come second.

    Furthermore, Lebanon has 3 major Gyms with Tristar, Shogun and Tiger who give world class training, and the fighters try to go outside for more experience.

  • My friend I dont know what your smoking… but how can you make a statement like that. You have 3 jordanian title holders (Selwady, Hamdi, Arkhagha), Lebanon has two (Karaki, Fakhreddine) and Tunis has … .zero?! Morocco has one (Hajjajy) and overall Morocco has tremendous fighters coming through. I dont htink you can say one nation is better than the other (especially since a lot of fighters dont train in their nation) but you cannot overlook Morocco

  • @ zafer

    I would say that Moroco would come at close third.
    However, based on what you are saying, you think because Jordan has more title holders it makes them the best ?

    Selwady doesn’t have any competition in his weight class, he is a good fighter, but he is champion by default, because there is no one out there in the same weight class…Jleidan !?? please that is an over hyped fight.

    Hamdi ? seriously ? don’t get me started on that, if you want to convenience me, put him in a rematch against Elie Al Rayss again, and we will see what will happen .

    Arkhagha, let me remind you his not the champ Fakherddine is, at the moment.
    However, i like him, and i think if comes back to challenge Fakherddine he will regain his title, but who is the next contender??? I would say Abou Hamdan (Lebanese)
    Now let us look at the big picture of fighter profiles.
    Heavy weights : Tanios (contender )an Baakline (Both Lebanese) No Moroccan contenders and no Jordanian fighters.
    Light Heavy weights: Karaki (champion) and Chehime is introduced, again where are the Jordanian fighters ? and the Moroccan contenders ?
    Middle weights : Fakherddine, Abou Hamdan, Georges Eid ( who can fight on 77 as well ), who does Jordan have in this weight class ?? Arkhagha …and…and…. No one else.
    My favorite devision, the Welter weights Aniss Alhajjajy (champ) Mohamad Ghorabi( Lebanese) and number 1 contender, then comes Mounir Lazzez , Anas Siraj Mounir, Georges Eid and the list goes one….however again no jordanian fighter.
    Lightweights, this is only weight class that Jordan have some known figheters: Hamza Nafush and ex champ Haider Rasheed and the current Hamdi (bleh) however
    Lebanon has a good roster as well Elie el Rayess , Silvester Saba, Paul Alam (who beat Hamdi)

    And the you Selwadi and his own weight class….
    So looking at the big picture? don’t you think Lebanese fighters are more diverse and can challenge in any class ?

  • Buddy… Lets go over your points.

    Selwady – Is champion for a reason. He faced 3 fights before becoming champion, including a win over a black belt in BJJ (someone who previously finished all his fights in round 1). But I get the feeling you are saying that the division is week because there are barely any Lebanese? Lets establish one thing:

    ITS THE QUALITY OF FIGHTERS NOT THE NUMBER OF FIGHTERS FROM ONE COUNTRY THAT MAKE A COUNTRIES FIGHTERS STRONG – just because there are 1,028,425 Lebanese does not mean they are the “best”. If we follow your logic, then Egypt would be best (duuuuuuh)

    Hamdi – Again, is champion for a reason and choked out a bjj black belt and is riding a 4 fight win streak. For whatever erason Elie advanced to the final despite no one (no one at all) seeing the “choke” that bandar put on him. Let Elie work his way back up to a title shot and then lets see what happens. But bare in mind, he got caught in an armbar… not a bite…or a poke… or a choke… an armabr

    You need to read your terminology. Fakhro is “interim” champ, Arkhagha sitll the official champ. Hence why I included both of them in my list (ya shatir)

    Next challengers at 84 you have abou hamdan and sawi (both riding two wins streaks).

    Heavyweight – 1 is a small division and 2 you cannot count Elias since he has a 1-2 record in DFC ( I assume you knew this, but in case you didnt I thought I might correct you. This means he has the same DFC record as Abdulkareem Ze Hulk, so in your logic is Hulk a contender? ). Now there is also Jarjis

    LHW – Karaki rules, but there are others out there like Abdelali, Sami Antar and KHalid Walid. Chehimi just got in, has a 1-0 record. Lets not get too excited right away and give the guy a chance to prove himself

    Welterweight – dude… seriously? Thats all you can think of? How about aniss, ghorabi, mounir, medjedoub, Bechir, amr wahman, thabet and victor? hmmmm…

    For the record I have to point out that I am not Jordanian (as you seem to imply). But I am saying that your arguement is false. It doesnt matter how many fighters a country has, what matters is how many GOOD fighters a country has and one way of judging that is by titles or challengers.

  • @zafer
    Ok , points taken
    Dude your logic for Quality over Quantity is great, however, I would agree on that, so how do you judge quality ?? by the fighters that the country produces and that have a higher margin of winning then loosing correct ? how much they have potential and how good they are as Mixed Martial Artist.
    Lebanon has Tristar , Shogun and Tiger MT Gyms to name a few and all 3 of them produce world class fighters and provid them with world class training, no wonder most Arab fighters now go to these clubs for camps or haven’t you noticed that ? That would be considered quality or not ?
    Jordan only has one Gym at least one gym that I heard off which is owned by the company that produces the show, therefore they can put fights in whatever way they feel is good for them and there gym.
    I am not gona argue with you against Selwady, again that division lacks fighters , you said he won over a black belt bjj fighter ? Seriously? Al a5tabout was trying to lose weight to much, that anything will over power him, or you haven’t seen how skinny he looked, and how much he lacked power, he is not a contender in my book, and since you are seriously speaking of quality, who are the other quality fighters in this division? Again not saying he is not a good fighter, what I am saying is that he is the only fighter.
    Again you come back to Hamdi, dude defend him as much as you like, the guy is not a real champion no matter how you try to put it I am not convinced, and just to remind you about his glorious record, he lost to paul, then Silvester was winning round one but had an asthma attack in round 2, and coming to elie, in any organization in the world 2 warnings will disqualify you, and nobody saw it ??? Seriously??, finally Haiderm who apparently lost his will for fighting since he was really happy to retire and he got kicked in the groins in that fight if you remember.
    As for the welterweight, I said the list goes on of good fighters, however there are no Jordanians.
    And as for the Heavy and light heavy agree with you, but for this argument is the exact same comparison with the light weight. No fighters so your argument goes both ways.
    Quality does conquer quantity, however I am not comparing Lebanon with Egypt, as a very simple comparison, you can check the percentage of winning depending on the fighter and were he trains.
    That was my argument and that is why I said Lebanon produces the best fighters in the Arab world and mind you they are not only Lebanese.

  • @zafer

    finaly you said, what matters is how many GOOD fighters a country has and one way of judging that is by titles or challengers.

    And to refute this argument, which I totally agree with, 2 champs that are Lebanese, and who are the contenders for the Heavy weight and welter weights ? aren’t they Lebanese as well ??

  • You cannot judge quality only on “the best fighters that produce fighters that have the highest margin of winning” because that is a subjective term and not an objective thing like titles. It could be that Azerbaijan has the best fighters with the most promise. But promise for what? Promise to win titles. Hence the end all must include the amount of titles surely otherwise every tom, dick and harry will have their own opinion.

    Re the gyms in Lebanon, yes they have produced good fighters, but they also have produced not so good fighters and have had their fighters lose. Like any other gym. Again here you cannot say that “most” arab fighters go to them because that isnt correct. Numerically speaking? really? Whatever happened to Team Nog in Dubai, BTT in the states, Ready in Abu Dhabi, Rebels in Morocco, The Source in Jordan, Team Mirza in Jordan, etc…. DO all of these Gyms combined have less fighters than the three in Lebanon?

    Re Selwady, Im sorry but you cannot blame a loss on someone tyring to cut weight. Its the fighters role to cut weight. So why blame his loss on that if he signed on the papers to take the fight? Its his role to be one wieght then. And for the record, Akhtaboot does not cut that much weight. He is always that skinny (of course his height helps make him look even skinnier). Other fighters with Quality in the division? Did you see Rami Aziz? And regardless what YOU think about Aziz Julaidan, he is a 2-1 fighter and his one loss was very, very controversial.

    Re Hamdi. Yes he lost to Paul. But then went on a three fight winning streak. One can make so many excuses, he beat Blrdo because blrdo sucks. He beat Silvester because of an Asthma attack and hey guess what? He beat Elie because he “bit” him and he beat Haider because Haider isnt interested. Really? Ok so the next person he fights will have had diarhea the day before and couldnt fight. Come on man. At some point you have to acknowledge wins even if you dont like the guy. FYI, he should have had points deducted against Elie, but even then he armbared him and finished the fight.

    About the welterweights, let me state this again… I AM NOT JORDANIAN. And if there isnt any JOrdanian in the welterweight division does that mean that Jordanians sucks?! Ok wait a second, so if there are no Lebanese in the 66KG does that mean that the Lebanese dont have good fighters? In your opinion it means the division sucks… Where is your logic man. Come on, a bit of consistency in your arguement.

    You cannot compare Heavyweight/Light Heavyweight to Lightweight. I dont see at all what you mean here. Lightweight there are loooooads of fighters, but in LHW and HW not so many. SO what exactly is your point?

    If you want to compare countries, look at other organizations. Abu Azaitar in Cage Warriors? Mansour Barnaoui and Mehdi Baghdad? etc etc etc

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