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Walid Seghir | I Am Calling You Aziz Julaidan, I Will Submit You In The First Round

Walid Seghir


Algerian fighter Walid Seghir made a successful promotional debut at Desert Force 20 as he managed to sink in a tight rear-naked-choke against Filipino opponent Vaughn Donayre 3 minutes into the first round.

Watch Walid Seghir (video below) call out Desert Force featherweight champion Aziz Julaidan who hasn’t defended his title yet for over a year. Julaidan Aziz (3-1) earned the shield back in December 2014 when he knocked out Abdulkareem Al Selwady to become the first ever Saudi Arabian to earn a title in Desert Force.

Since then, the champ has been getting quite a number of challengers, including Al Selwady who is asking for a rematch, Ezzedine Al Derbane who wants to bring back the shield to Jordan, and now Algerian Walid Seghir who is announcing dropping to 66kg.

Walid Seghir:

I feel great about my last fight in Dubai. It was a great victory in the first round by submission, again. I am dropping down to 66kg and I want to fight Aziz Julaidan because I want the shield. Julaidan has the shield and he hasn’t defended it for over one year. Now I am calling you Aziz Julaidan for the next Desert Force event in March. I will submit you in the first round. If you want to prove to everybody that you deserve this title, come fight me. Be Brave. Take This Fight.

Next target on my list ! #protechnutrition #tadforfighters #XTC #Valonteam

Posted by Walid Seghir on Monday, February 1, 2016

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  • So I get a debut at Desert Force, win the debut and call out the champ of the weight class I fought. For fucks sake Desert Force could you plz stop people from doing this shit

    • He won al batal tv show and he finished his opponent in the 1st round. I can easly see than he is stronger than all the guys in his weight category

      • Nothing against him but he is new to Desert Force maybe after 2-3 wins he gets a title shot. Al Batal TV show is bad 2 ex champions of Al Batal didn’t win a single fight at Desert Forcce

  • True Ja3bari.. You are right.. Give him 2 or 3 more fights. Lets see how good he really is!

  • i thik this devision have now more than contendre to take the title shot , just desert force dont take the opportunity for thos fighters to fight cuz 66 kg have few fights compared to 77kg or 70 kg , and we dont want to wait for a year to see a rematch beteween julaidan and selwady, this last one wanna just a rematch and he never answered the call out of rami or challenging someone else like chaabane chaibadra or derbane or elias bougadzdome , i think he was lucky one to earn the shield while there s no big names at 66 kg , i think chaabane vs alderbane should be the title bout before title shot

  • What should be done is

    Ezzedine Derabane – Lois cadet
    Walid Seghir – Rami Aziz
    Boudegzdame – selwady (contender)

    • I think rami aziz, elias boudegzdame, chabanne chaibedra and seghir walid beat easly selwady or julaidan !

  • I totally agree with ja3bary .. walid even didnt play in 66 kg divisiob for God sake ! Will his first match in 66 kg be againsg the champ !! Noòo way!

    • May be you are right. But Selwadi is the former champion not the current champion. Selwadi did not perform well against Cadet. The 66 kg weight division needs more confrontations inside the cage to reveal the real champion.

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