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What’s Next For Brave 5 “Booth vs Hadbi” Main Event Controversy?

Brave Combat Federation fifth installment ( Brave 5 ) main event underwent a strange occurrence as Carl “Bomber” Booth (U.K) went against Tahar “Fast Hands” Hadbi (FRA). For some reason the five round fight in Mumbai, India, on March 23, 2017, was suddenly stopped at the end of the third round, leaving the fighters slightly confused.

The win went to Booth, and left Hadbi in frustration as two rounds were left to complete. This unfair surprise led Hadbi to appeal the decision to the All India Mixed-Martial Arts Federation (AIMMAF), on the grounds that both fighters signed a contract for five rounds. The Indian Commission concluded that the previous declaration of Booth as the winner was to be changed to a “No Contest” after investigating the matter.

When two whole rounds are suddenly taken away, a fighter definitely has a lot to lose when it comes to showcasing his skill and chance to win the bout. To the fighter that was deemed the winner, it may very well be due to winning in judges eyes, but without the remaining two it is hard to declare a winner.

Both spectacular performers should have had the right to the five round fight promised no matter the outcome. Will a rematch take place? Possibly not, as Hadbi accused Booth of running from a rematch when the “Bomber” dismissed the challenge as he attracted various other challengers. Hadbi wants the rematch to be for the welterweight title and like the endless possibilities of what could have happened in the last two rounds, who knows.

The Brave Combat Federation has a super stacked welterweight division, and just offering a title fight for any 2 fighters could be a hassle. Brave matchmaker suggested the idea of a 4-man tournament to decide the first welterweight champion, and this could be the best and most exciting option. What do you guys think?

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