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We Will Live To Witness Jiu Jitsu Being Part Of The Olympics

We will be, for sure, live witness of the ascendance of our beloved martial art become a Olympic sport in a near future and some be part of it. We are all proud of it.


It’s been a long road for Jiu Jitsu since its start when it was practiced by the monks for self defense against thieves. After being partitioned in different martial arts, passed by Japan and finally Brazil where it was developed extensively, Jiu Jitsu has become one of the most famous sports in the world, with practitioners from all over the world reaching all social classes and ages.

Such popularity brought the people’s clamor for it to become more professional. And what can crown a sport as professional and world recognized more than have it in the Olympic Games? It’s a long time dream idealized by the pioneers, the ones who transformed a ancient self defense style into a professional world recognized sport.

Many world tournaments were possible due to this popularity. More and more nationalities were involved and efficiently achieving the high places in the podiums.

Abu Dhabi embraced Jiu Jitsu as a national sport and become a international hub for its practitioners. Now holding the most prestigious competition in the world WPJJC (World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship).

Behind the Abu Dhabi WPJJC tournament is an institution that boosted Jiu Jitsu’s popularity around the world. It’s the UAEJJ, the sole body that was behind organizing such event from the very beginning, pushing Jiu Jitsu into getting attention from the committees around the world.

Jiu Jitsu developed to an extend that becoming an Olympic sports was not a dream anymore. It’s a matter of logistics for the Olympic committee. And interestingly enough, the president of UAEJJ has been recently appointed as the president of the Asian Jiu Jitsu federation.

Earlier this month, the Asian Olympic Committee announced Jiu Jitsu as an official sport for the next Asian Games taking place in Jakarta in 2018. With this step forward, there’s no other option but consider Jiu Jitsu (seriously consider it) as an invited and official sport in the next Olympics.

Ever since Rio de Janeiro was chosen as the host for the 2016 summer Olympic games, the movement for BJJ becoming a part of it has grown. We will be, for sure, living to witness the ascendance of our beloved martial art become a Olympic sport in a near future. We are all proud of it.

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