Wehbe Talks ‘Hand Injury’ Post Phoenix London

Youssef Wehbe’s three fight winning streak ended last week at Phoenix 3 UK vs. The World with a unanimous decision loss to his opponent Alfie Davis.

With Phoenix happening in Alfie’s own backyard of England, Davis made use of the energy he received from his home fans and put on an interesting performance against an always difficult opponent in Youssef Wehbe.
To anyone who knows Wehbe, however, there seemed to be something a little bit strange about this fight. At certain times, it was visible that something was holding him back from doing what he could to win the fight, especially while striking.

In a short video posted on his Instagram, Wehbe explains that a right hand injury he suffered during the fight forced him to limit its use. He says that he felt it during the first exchange of the fight and it hampered his performance throughout.


“Unfortunately I broke my hand in the first round from the first exchange when I hand the takedown. It’s fractured in here and one of those fingers is dislocated.”

Over the past years, we have seen Wehbe gradually progress into a world class mixed martial artist right in front of our eyes. It’s unfortunate that this injury happened, but it’s also encouraging to know that Wehbe fought all the way to the end despite of it. Even though he is injured, Wehbe looked as positive as usual in his video. He is still a young talent already with 10 professional bouts under his belt. Wehbe ended his video by apologizing to is fans for his loss, thanking everybody who supported him for his fight and mentioning that he is now on the path to recovery.

We will be waiting to see what Wehbe’s next move will be when the time comes. For now, we wish the young fighter a fast and healthy recovery.

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