Aziz Julaidan’s Official Medical Report Unveils Reason Behind Pulling Out


Desert Force 21 event was set to feature a title fight between the current champion Aziz Julaidan and Hamza Kooheji earlier this month. While many changes came about, the promotion announced 4 days prior to fight date that the champ will be unable to defend his title. Nevertheless, the event went on to be one of the most entertaining so far, with an under-card that paved the way to a much successful main card.

At that time, no official statement was announced by Julaidan regarding the reason behind pulling out. With just 4 days until fight night, many fans and fighters wondered what could be the reason behind his absence.

The champ had recently touched base with ArabsMMA stating that he had sent an official medical report to the promotion in February, yet they just didn’t want to announce it before they found a replacement.

The report which was dated 27-2-2016 stated that Julaidan had torn his ligament in his left wrist due to a severe twist in training. The report also states that he is advised not to use his left arm for at least a month.

That’s not an uncommon situation for competitors who are getting ready for a fight at this level. Yet the fact that the incident happened 18 days before the fight makes more sense than the 4-day notice by the promotion.

Julaidan (3-1), is expected to face the fighter who replaced him on the card, Ezzeldine Al Derbane. The late replacement Al Derbane managed to defeat Hamza Kooheji with a devastating knee 24 seconds into the first round.

Stay tuned for more on that matter, as ArabsMMA will be conducting an in-depth interview with the champ regarding his injury updates, and upcoming opponent.

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