Abdelali Hariri Vs Tariq Ismail Announced For Next Al Batal Episode

Another win for Team Baghad in the latest Episode of Al Batal


Another win for Team Baghad in the latest Episode of Al Batal where Soufiane faced Walid in a back and forth battle, with Walid ending the fight via submission.

Three consecutive wins for Team Baghdad! As usual, the winner and this time Coach Mehdi chooses the the upcoming match up: Abdelali Hariri from Team Baghdad Vs Team Elbe’s Tariq Ismail.

Hariri holds a 2-1 pro record with both his wins ending via KO/TKO making him a big threat to Team Elbe. Being Walid Akrouh’s teammate, Abdelali might possibly be sharing similar aggressiveness.

According to, Harari’s previous fights were at featherweight, could this be a positive move into a higher weight division?

Tareq Ismail on the other hand representing Sudan/Egypt is one of the easiest fighters to coach, according to Al Batal officials. He has previously fought in a lower division walking into the show with two professional wins and a legit Muay Thai background. His nickname “Loco” makes us wonder, seems like this guy goes bonkers when he enters the cage, or maybe even outside it?!

This could be the comeback win for Team Elbe after three consecutive losses. Tariq seems to be very confident, mentioning that he is “Al Batal” on two different occasions in the show! Will we see him cement his claim this Saturday?

Let’s wait and see!

Abdelali Hariri Vs Team Elbe’s Tariq Ismail Fight Preview:

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