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ArabsMMA spoke with one of Jordan’s most popular MMA fighters, Abdulkareem Al Selwady, to see what he has been up to lately and catch up on updates to share with all his fans.

Abdelkareem Al Selwady, the youngest Desert Force Champion to ever hold the shield is thirsty for a rematch with Aziz Julaidan. The former featherweight champion’s latest media appearances have all been based on this fact, but now, there’s a little bit more to it. The main goal has never shifted yet Al Selwady has backed it up with a plan.

Al Selwady started his Mixed Martial Arts career training with Coach Ashraf Shishani, “the best MMA coach in the region” he says. Where ever the “Wizard” goes, be sure you will find this young fighter right there with him. Shishani had recently left Makhai Gym to “FightX” which is where Al Selwady announced the following: “now I will be training at Fight X“.

Fight X is a new BJJ and MMA gym owned by Desert Force former lightweight champion Haider Rasheed in partnership with Omar Tobasi the Muay Thai Head coach.

“You can’t deny that Coach Shishani is the best in the Middle East and I am very lucky to have him”

Al Selwady will be accompanied by the former Desert Force Middleweight Champion Hashem Arkhagha along with Mohamad Armouti the boxing coach. All this under the Supervision of Husam Al Selwady, his father.

He has made sure to surround himself with this extended support of brilliant coaches that have worked with him continuously and pushed him to his highest potential. This super athlete also treads into other training grounds to advance his variety and skill prowess. His most recent trip to the United States was for business and pleasure.He continued his training and had the chance to compete in Brazilian Jiujitsu, while taking a two week break from the intensity of the sport.

“My trip to the states was divided into two parts; the first was training and competing in which I did very well in and the last two weeks were for a bit of time-off from MMA. I focused a lot on just physical training and thinking about my next step.”

MMA fighters have a level of dedication and determination that set them superior to other athletes, not to forget the grueling intensity of physical and mental training required to endure and succeed in the octagon. However, nothing beats the little secret Al Selwady revealed about a physical injury to his hand, which he broke before entering the cage against Louis Cadet in Desert Force, KSA. For fear that he wouldn’t be able to fight if people had knowledge of the break, he kept it quiet as he fought and won that fight. He underwent surgery to in his hand, which may mean he won’t be fighting until the beginning of 2016. For the meantime, the opportunity for a rematch with Aziz Julaidan is taking his thought process hostage. He believes he has earned it, and is insistent to rematch.

“The only opponent I have in mind to come back to Desert Force and fight, is Aziz Julaidan. I want to get my rematch, which I have already earned and am waiting for. I mean where is he hiding anyway, it’s been almost a year and he hasn’t been fighting. I know he is just scared.”

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