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Abou Hamdan: Ibrahim El Sawy Is Just Another Name To Me


Headlining Desert Force 13 this August is Lebanese standout fighter Abdallah Abou Hamdan who will be taking his first shot at the Desert Force middleweight title. His opponent is no stranger to this as heavy hitter Ibrahim Elsawy had previously faced Hashem Arkhagha for the title back in Desert Force Round 2 back in 2012.

Two years have gone by, and here is Elsawy being granted another shot against Abdallah Abou Hamdan, one of the most well rounded fighters in Desert Force, period! Abu Hamdan made it clear that he is here to fight and Elsawy is just another name!

Abu Hamdan joined Desert Force and instantly proved himself to be on another level. Rumors of him facing Hashem Arkhagha have been circulating the MMA scene soon after Hashem earned the middle weight title, yet this never happened!

Abou Hamdan to ArabsMMA:

I always knew I was gonna fight for the title since I started fighting at Desert Force, it was just a matter of who and when.
Be it Arkhagha, Fakhreddine or El sawi a fight is a fight. And these are just different names to me.

My conditioning might have let me down for what ever reason in my last fight, I might gaz up but I’ll never give up and I proved that on many occasions. Whether I’m fighting or not, I always try to improve my fitness and conditioning, so today is always better then yesterday. I don’t enter the cage to run around , I am here to fight.

This could possibly turn out to be the biggest brawl in Desert Force history! Two well rounded warriors who pose a lot of knock out power and get inside the cage with nothing in mind, but to finish the other off decisively. Stay tuned on ArabsMMA for more on Abou Hamdan Vs El Sawy!

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  • I think that this fight is not a fair fight, el sawi lost twice and his wins are not satisfing enough in order to have a title shot, on another hand, the”hulligan” proved for the audience that he is the best in his weight classe during his last fights at DFC , Bu Hamdan in simple words is an addition.of experiance and power that none of dfc fighters (with all do respect ) has

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