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Desert Force Al Academiya Episode 10 Breakdown

Al Academiya’s episode 10 promised an entertaining spectacle.


Al Academiya’s episode 10 promised an entertaining spectacle. After back-to-back victories from both Phillip Masoud and Mohammad Ali, the semi-final between the two was set. Both fighters prepared well, focusing primarily on their exposed weakness, which was wrestling. Phillip is an exceptional Muay-Thai fighter, while Mohammed Ali is a boxer who is never afraid to get into a brawl.

Round 1: The fight starts with a few decent kicks by Masoud. Ali responds with a few hand combinations and manages to control Masoud. A grappling scrap from the two results in Ali being taken down. Ali then attempts a guillotine choke, which seemed tight, but Phillip manages to escape with 10 seconds remaining on the clock.

Round 2: The second round kicks off as Phillip continues to pile up those venomous low kicks. Ali is obviously hurt. He attempts a take-down, but a good sprawl from Phillip denies that, who counters with a guillotine. Ali escapes and both fighters are back standing up. Phillips controls the rest of the round via head-lock, until it ends with a few good punches from Ali, who limps back to his corner.

Round 3: Phillip goes heavily to the leg and suddenly changes up to a head kick, landing flush on Ali. Ali, however, manages to take Phillip down and pin him, after failing several times to do so. Phillip is able to stand up, after being taken down again. The rest of the round is a good striking battle between the two , that sees Phillip land an insane amount of accurate kicks to the legs, body and face. In return, Ali lands a huge amount of strikes and blows, given his boxing background.

Phillip Masoud wins with a split decision and proceeds to the final, as the judges score the fight: Tie, 29-28, and 30-17, respectively.

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