JAC 1: Mohammad Seeto Vs Ezzedine Al Zakzouk Ends In A Spectacular Fashion


Jordan Amateur Cup (JAC) took place this Friday in Amman at the Al Hussein Boxing Arena. With a packed card of 11 fights, this was one of the most anticipated events in the Jordan mixed martial arts scene yet.

The highlight of this event pit a lightweight match up the Jordanian crowd favorite, Mohammad Seeto, who trains under renowned catch wrestling coach, Ashraf Shishani at Makhai gym, against Ezzeddine Al Zakzouk. This main event was the perfect way to end the championship, leaving the Jordanian crowd ecstatic at the amazing, lightning fast finish as Seeto punched Al Zakzouk’s lights dim with a strong right hand counter to a leg kick from Al Zakzouk, in under a minute of the first round, leaving Yazan Ghattas forced to end the bout via TKO due to the brutal ground and pound Seeto was delivering to a stunned and almost out Al Zakzouk.


“I entered the cage with full concentration. Ihad visualized this many times. I knew what am going do from the beginning. I was fully confident and the crowd and my fans (my tribe) were very supportive. Thank God, my Coach Ashraf and everyone who helped me get ready.“

A very good performance from Seeto that leaves everyone excited to see what he’s going to do next.

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