Al Batal 2: Ezzedine Floors Bandar with Knee KO


“I would love to fight Bandar again, just so I can Knock him out Again”

A much hyped fight at Al Batal season 2 took place in the third Episode as Jordanian lightweight Ezzeldine Derbane faced The Saudi Bad boy Bandar yazan in what was supposed to be the fight of the season! Well, this fight was not your usual MMA fight, but I surely hope that the season has more proper MMA than what we witnessed last Saturday. Not to take any credit from Ezzedine, the way he finished the fight was highlight material, yet the overall atmosphere of the bout was similar to a backyard brawl movie scene.

Ezzedine walks in with the traditional Jordanian keffiyeh! Whilst Bandar arrived looking casual, the first half of the round had both fighters going back and fourth with no significant strikes landing, few weak low kicks from Bandar and some right counter punches from Ezzdine who kept shutting down bandar’s takedown attempts. After an illegal kick to the groin which left Ezzedine in pain, Bandar controlled the fight on the ground in the last 2 minutes earning the first round. Between rounds. Ezzedine accused Bandar of biting him, but it was clear that the Jordanian had actually bit himself in an attempt to end the fight Via DQ. Why?


Bandar was fighting dirty and I wanted him to pay for what he’s doing. The referee was
going easy on him, so I thought why not a little acting.

In the second round, an illegal kick to a grounded Ezzedine got one point deducted from Bandar, the spark that provoked the Jordanian to end this one!

Ezzedine managed to clinch and unload 4 knees to Bandar’s head sending him face first to the ground and adding a second win to Team Baghad.

So here it is people, the first lightweight fight ends with Team Baghdad’s Ezzedine knocking out Bandar Yazan in what was the weirdest fight of the season.

Summing this one up

  • Illegal groin kick
  • Illegal kick to a grounded opponent
  • Unsportsman like conduct
  • Self biting!
  • Brutal knees

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  • Very unprofessional. Some of the worse MMA i ever seen. They should stop this show, and kick bandar out. He got kicked out from Desert Force now Al Batal take him. Big embarrassment for Al Batal. No class

  • Bandr should not participate at all in any MMA tournaments, he is not professional fighter at all and he deserves what Yazen did to him

    I advise him to quit and stop fighting at all

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