Al Batal 2 Middleweight and Lightweight Finalists Are Set

The finalists of both categories in the second season of Al Batal have been set.


The finalists of both categories in the second season of Al Batal have been set.

After two fighters from the quarter finals were chosen from each weight class for best performance to go straight through to the finals, what remained was the competition of four fighters to fight it out for the remaining spot in the final. Youness Mikiss and Tareq Ismail, from the middleweight and lightweight division respectively, have won the semi-finals and will have the chance to fight in the finals.

In the semi-finals of this season, Al Batal saw the middleweight match up of Team Elbe’s Youness Mikiss against Team Baghdad’s Sabil Rahali. Mikiss defeated Rahali to move forward into the finals where he will face the previously selected Walid Akrouh. The youngest fighter on the show, Walid Akrouh was handpicked from the middleweight division due to his extraordinary performance of arm-baring his way to victory against the respectful and aggressive Sofiane Seghir.

This week in the semi-finals in the lightweight division we had the Jordanian young talent Ezzeldine Al Derbane facing Tareq Ismail in what may have been a close fight for some. Though for hardcore MMA fans it was clear that Ismail’s experience and agility had him dominating in both rounds. Ismail will move forward to face the previously selected final opponent Walid Seghir in the final. The late-joiner Walid Seghir’s 33 second finish of Dennis Mungai in the latest episode earned him the straight step into a position in the final.

So here you have it ladies and gents; Akrouh Vs Mikiss in the Middleweight finals, and Ismail Vs Seghir in the lightweight finals.

Let’s see how these brutal match ups turn out.

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