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Ali Alqaisi regained the UAE Warriors featherweight title

Ali AlQaisi regained his UAE Warriors featherweight title after defeating Jesse Arnett at UAE Warriors 33. The headline bout ended in a third round when the Jordanian secured a submission win over the Canadian fighter. 

UAE Warriors 33 controversy

Arnett won their first bout back in July. The victory came from a doctor stoppage due to a cut that AlQaisi suffered. This title change was followed by a controversy when ‘Royal Fighter’ screamed at the doctor, referee, and his opponent. He even went after Arnett when he was celebrating his victory. All this despite being promised an imminent rematch.

Ali Qaisi is victorious in a rematch  

The Jordanian started pushing the pace from the opening bell. He managed to knock down Arnett with a right jab and follow him to the ground, securing on top position in the process. However, ‘Big Cat’ was able to escape this predicament but suffered some punishment in the closing seconds of the first round. 

During the second outing, Ali AlQaisi dictated the pace with his striking. 

The conclusion came in one minute and 25 seconds when the Jordanian was able to lock a guillotine choke on his opponent. The Canadian was unable to escape and forced to tap out. However, it took a few seconds for ‘Royal Fighter’ to release him from a choke. However, no bad feelings were shown afterward.  

In his in-ring interview Alqaisi said:

“Thank god I won. The record between us now stands at 1-1 and I wouldn’t mind a third meeting with Jesse to put the championship record straight.”

Next, he praised the UAE Warriors promotion:

“I would like to thank the promotion for the wonderful job they have done in arranging this title contest. They now have the best Arab MMA fighter in the UAE Warriors that can compete with anyone around the world.”

Arnett acknowledged his loss and also declared that he’s ready for a trilogy bout: 

“Hats off to the Royal Fighter. That’s the best he’s done against me. He caught me off balance in the first round. He got on top of me. I’m not finding any excuses. Does Abu Dhabi like to see No 3?”

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