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Anas Siraj Mounir: “Alfie did a lot of trash talking, I had to win”

Anas Tongue

Anas Siraj Mounir reaped a recent victory over Alfie Davis in his first Phoenix 4 Dubai outing, bumping his professional record up to 6-1.

Siraj Mounir maintained his composure for the entire 3 rounds in a fight that he knew was razor close. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, Anas did enough to score the achievements he needed to influence the eyes of the judges against an opponent who was presenting him with all kinds of trouble for the entire 15 minute stretch of the fight, not to mention bombarding him with some pre-fight trash talk as well.

“Alfie Davis did a lot of trash talk, but that’s the game and he did a really good job of promoting the fight. At the end of the day, he’s a great athlete and a great fighter.”

In a pendulum like contest, “The Moroccan Sensation” admits to having had to make adjustments to his game plan mid-fight, explaining that his opponent’s athletic ability made it difficult for him to implement his game plan of constant pressure and force him to adapt to a different method of scoring some points in the midst of the action.

“The game plan was to put the pressure from the beginning on Alfie, pin him against the cage and take him down. Alfie was super-fast for me, so I couldn’t really keep up with him that much. I managed to score some points on him, take him down a couple of times, also ground and pound him a little bit. I think it was an entertaining fight you know, back and forth”.

The fans in the arena shared a lot of love and support toward Anas, an understandable fact for someone who is fighting out of the renowned Team Nogueira Dubai, a team that has truly helped sharpen Anas’ skills in every aspect of the Mixed Martial Arts fight game. All in all, everything was set in place for Anas to present an amazing performance, and he definitely delivered.

“The energy in the arena was amazing. The fans, ArabsMMA and Phoenix FC were supporting me. I’m there to have fun and a good time. At Team Nogueira Dubai, we have the best camp ever with excellent BJJ athletes, great wrestlers, strikers and sparring partners. I’ve had the best fight camp and I can’t thank them enough. I would like to thank Phoenix FC for giving me this opportunity, ArabsMMA for the support and all the fans in Dubai, Morocco, the UK and all over the world. Thank you very much”.

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