Bechir Majri Steps In to Face Mohammad Ghorabi!


Following the immigration issues which have forced Aniss Hajjajy to pull out of the upcoming fight card in Amman, Bechir Majri has stepped in to face the Lebanese brawler in what promises to be an epic match!

The Matchmakers said:

“Bechir was supposed to face someone on the May fight card, albeit with the postponement of that card we decided to ask Bechir if he would be willing to fight at the end of April against Ghorabi since he was already in the midst of his training camp. He said yes right away. This sets us up for a tremendous fight!”

Whilst Ghorabi will not be getting the title shot he had so craved, he will be facing a big test in Bechir and will at least this way go some way to prove his title credentials and prove some of his doubters wrong who said he hadnt faced any of the top opposition at 77KG. Officals from Desert Force commentated

“Well… you know I see both points of view. 77 is a killer division and I know some fans were not happy that Ghorabi was potentially going for a title shot. 77 is a killers row! ”

Think about it. This is the the only division where you can find Thabet Agha, Christofer Silva, Aniss Hajjajy, Bechir Majri, Amr Wahmann, Mohamad Ghorabi, Anas Siraj Mounir, Mounir Lazzez, Victor Monfort, Abdel Medjedoub and the list goes on…

Bechir is more than a good match up for Ghorabi. One thing is for sure, sparks will fly this night!

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