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Brave 10 – Jarrah Al-Silawi Submits David Bear with 4 seconds on clock

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An explosive action packed night of Mixed Martial Arts fights was crowned by the 3 round welterweight war between the Jordanian crowd favorite Jarrah Al-Silawi against his opponent David Bear at Brave 10: The Kingdom of Champions.

From beginning to end, every moment of the contest was dynamic. After a few stand-up exchanges in the first round, Bear shot in and over-powered Al-Silawi, taking him to the ground. On his back, Al-Silawi instantly showed his bottom grappling dexterity, synching up an extremely tight arm-bar that no doubt took away a few of Bear’s elbow ligaments. What was more fascinating than the arm-bar itself was Bear’s tenacity as he was able to escape from his predicament and stay relevant to the action.

The fight carried on into the 2nd round. Though Bear was in the seemingly dominant top position as he was once again able to take Al-Silawi down, the Jordanian looked dangerous off of his back, keeping the submission pressure on Bear while switching it up between triangle chokes, arm-bars and an omoplata attempt.
The intensity proceeded final round with no clearly distinct winner of the contest. Feeling the urgency around 30 seconds until the final bell, Al-Silawi’s BJJ skills finally came through as he locked up an unbreakable triangle choke that left Bear no choice, but to tap, handing Al-Silawi the 3rd round submission victory and leaving the Jordanian crowd in an ecstatic state of cheering frenzy.

Now, carrying 4 straight victories at Brave Combat Federation, Al-Silawi is in a perfect position to be the next in line for a welterweight title shot. His performance at Brave 10: The Kingdom of Champions in his home-country was beyond an eye-catching one, delivering an amazingly entertaining 3 round fight highlighted by an insane submission finish. A well-deserved win for Al-Silawi, and overall, a great fight!

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