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Tarek Suleiman: “I didn’t pull the trigger early…Hats off to Will.”


An action lacking fight at Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises has left Manic Factory Gym sponsored fighter Tarek Suleiman frustrated.

Frankly, Suleiman’s opponent, Will Fleury, arguably engaged in a lay and pray game plan that kept Suleiman neutralized for most of the bout. However, Suleiman self-admittedly hesitated to push the pace and create scrambles earlier in the fight, possibly giving his opponent the advantage in the eyes of the judges.

“I didn’t pull the trigger early. I don’t really have a reason, I was just too late to pull the trigger.”

suleiman 1

Though Suleiman lost the decision, he feels that his opponent did not surprise him with anything that he had not already anticipated. Suleiman also feels that there were several refereeing mistakes made in the bout and even questions the final score cards, feeling that he did better than his opponent overall in the few critical instances of the fight. Nevertheless, Suleiman did not get the W he was looking for in his Brave Combat Federation debut.

“He wasn’t more than I expected. The referees did an awful job. In the 1st round, he was only holding me, but I was the one doing more damage and putting the work from bottom. I give him the 2nd round though I got him in a deep Kimura and was stood up by the referee for no reason. In the 3rd, I put him down, landed body shots and elbows and bloodied his face. I was landing shots from his guard, then the referee stood us up again. I stuffed his takedown, circled out, landed punches, but yet they gave him the 3rd even though I looked fresh and did more control.”

Suleiman vs. Fleury

It doesn’t always go the way you expect it when it’s left in the hands of the judges, especially when it’s a razor sharp fight in terms of its scoring! This is a key point that Suleiman knows very well. The Syrian Middleweight isn’t too happy about the result of the fight or the way his debut fight at Brave CF went, but nonetheless credits his opponent for his victory. He knows that a slightly better performance could have helped him write a different ending to this chapter in his Mixed Martial Arts story, but is no doubt intent on doing so in his next outing.

“I felt I won the 1st and 3rd by doing more damage, but it was a close one and it could have gone either way. I have no comment on the result and I could have done more work. I failed in my debut, hats off to Will.”

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