George Eid To Face Fakhreddine At Desert Force 13 – Co-Main Event

After Mounir Lazzez’s unfortunate injury and the gloomy future surrounding the Desert Force co-main event, the show is been saved in spectacular fashion.


After Mounir Lazzez’s unfortunate injury and the gloomy future surrounding the Desert Force co-main event, the show has been saved in spectacular fashion. With only 9 days notice before the fight, Georges “Bulldozer” Eid has, without a shred of hesitation, agreed and stepped in to face the former interim middleweight champion “The Latest” Mohamad Fakhreddine on the 25th of August in Dubai.

Both Eid and Fakhreddine are Lebanese fighters of the most exquisite calibers who have always fought with all their hearts and might to put on the best shows for, not only their fans, but the entire Arab mixed martial arts fan community.

Fakhreddine, known for his lightning fast hands, is the former Desert Force middle weight (84 KGs) champion. Recently deciding to vacate his title and drop to the welterweight division (77 KGs), Fakhreddine’s objective is to make history through being the first fighter to win the Desert Force title in two different weight categories. Fakhreddine is a fan favorite in the Arab world and an ambassador of the sport, having appeared on the first season of ” the Al Academia ” show as the red team’s coach and pulled off an undefeated mixed martial arts record.

Georges Eid is also a respected and admired warrior in the Arab community. A decorated striker and Sanda champion who is freakishly strong and well-rounded in mixed martial arts, is hailed by fans for having heart and fighting through any circumstance. His decision to fight Fakhreddine on such short notice is gutsy and shows a lot behind his character and psyche. But, will Eid’s decision be costly due to insufficient time to prepare for the bout or will it be an advantage with Fakhreddine spending all his time training for a totally different opponent, Mounir Lazzez?

There’s a lot of work to be done by each corner to prepare for such a heavy confrontation. The ultimate dream prize of a title shot will surely be a reality for the winner who emerges in this fight. The fans should expect nothing less than an intense showdown to occur. All in all, this Desert Force card is still loaded and has every intention of remaining the most promising card the tournament has offered so far.

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