Desert Force 13 on MBC Action Live Results and Play by Play

Mohammad Karaki vs Hossein Mollamahdi

Aaaand were live!!!!! If you do spot Pia or I next to cage you’ll realize that we have the best seats in the house (not to gloat).

Karaki faces Mollamahdi in this one. Mollamahdi lost his last outing but walks in with a strong 2-2 record and a solid base in wrestling. Karaki has been out of action for 14 months and will make his debut at 84 KG. He will want to put on a strong show here before he faces Sami Antar for the Light Heavyweight title in December!

Out comes Hossein looking very cheerful. I gotta say this guy is quite tall.

And here is Karaki! In his GI and with the Lebanon flag draped over him. Both fighters are in the cage. Yves Lavigne the referee for this one.

Round 1! Here we go

Round 1: They come out and trade leather! Karaki throws a kick that Hossein uses to take him down! The stand again roll on the ground! Karaki now in side-mount!


Hossein rolls Karaki and they stand. Karaki jumps the guard and is working for the armbar! He almost has it but Hossein scrambles out of it. and is back in Karakis guard. Karaki works for the triangle and almost has it! He has it! This looks very tight!

He’s done it! Hossein is out!! He is out !!!

Karaki va Round 1 technical submission!



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