Desert Force 13 on MBC Action Live Results and Play by Play

Desert Force 13 on MBC Action Live Coverage and Play by Play

Mohammad Yahya vs. Ali AlNaemi

Expect the fans to get loud here. Mohammad Yahya vs Ali Al Naemi is up next! Naemi came out with a very strong video where he threatened to “break your face” in response to earlier comments from Yahya. These two and their fans have been trading all types of jibes online so expect fireworks to fly here! None of these guys will want to lose this one.

Round 1: Out comes Ali Naemi to a chorus of boos. Your not really surprised though are you?

Here comes Mohammad Yahya! And he walks out to an Emirati traditional song! You can imagine what the crowd make of that. They are loving it!

Yahya and Naemi exchanging jibes across the cage! They touch heads in the middle! This is going to be insane.

Here we go! Naemi comes out and backs Yahya up against the cage. Yahya does a good job of circling around Naemi though. He comes in and throws a three strike combo. Naemi comes in for the takedown but Yahyas knee catches him in the face! Ali still goes in for it! Yahya throws strikes and throws a vicious knee that grounds Ali! Ali is down and scrambling! Yahya needs to end this now or he is going to regret it!

Ali scrambles and goes for the heel hook! But he is in a bad spot! Yahya is standing over him and throwing strikes at will! Yahya goes down and ends up in Naemis side mount! Naemi doing a great job os staying in it! What chin he has!!!! THey scramble and Yahya goes for the guillotine choke but doesnt quite get it. Naemi has Yahya backed up against the cage but Yahya throws elbows to the side of his head. Naemi with the takedown! He has Yahya up against the cage. This could get interesting. Ali jostling for full mount and he has it!

Ali on top and throwing bombs! Yahya needs to grind this one out but with over two minutes this is going to get tricky. They scramble and Ali catches Yahya with a knee whilst his hand was still on the ground!!! Yves calls a stop to the action.

Yahya’s is bleeding out of his mouth and down his chest. He is up! He is good to continue it seems although his legs look a bit shaky underneath him.

Time to go again. Round 1 continues. THey look like they want to touch gloves but decide not to. They close the distance but Naemi catches Yahya with a huuuuuuuge blow that drops him! Wow!!! Ali on top of Yahya here in full mount. Yahya needs to hold on as much as he can!!!! 30 seconds left. Can Yahya survive the round?!

10 seconds to go! Naemi throwin all he has into these. Round 1 is over!

Given the one point deduction I have to call call that one 9-9.

Round 2: Low kick by Yahya to open the round. Yahya goes for the knee but Naemi uses it to pick him up and take him down.Ali in side control next to the fence.

Naemi dropping bombs from up top! Man, how much punishment can these guys take?!?!

Naemi with Yahya against the cage and throwing strikes. These strikes will count! Yahya needs to get out of this position. Naemi does look a little gassed here though, but Yahya needs to make the most out of it. Naemi throwing strikes from the bottom but he needs to get up!

Yahya seemingly able to attempt a leg lock.

Yahya back on top!!!! Yahya is back on top!!! He throws bombs! Naemi needs to defend these otherwise he is out! WHAT A FIGHT!!!!!!! Round 2 is over and both fighters look like they gave it their all!


Round 3: However this fight ends…. There is no loser.

Yahya is up already. Naemi is still on his seat. He quits on his seat!!!! Yahyas done it!!!



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