Desert Force 13 on MBC Action Live Results and Play by Play

Mohammad Abed vs. Muhamed Isaev
Round 1: It looks like we are about to get underway with the first fight of the evening! Breaking news here, Mohammad Hassan from ETT was not allowed into the country because of immigration issues. His replacement on short notice – Muhamed Isaev! Isaev was actually at work in Sharjah today when he got the call. He took a half day off and came over to get weighed in and then made his way to the Arena. Talk about BAD ASS! He comes in with a 1-0 record and (as is the default setting with most Daghestani’s) good wrestling!

His opponent is Mohammad Abed Rabuh from Palestine. Mohammad resides in Amman and trains under the tutelage of renowned trainer Ashraf Checani in Amman, Jordan along with Abdulkareem Al Selwady who is in his corner tonight. Although his official record is 0-0, he has an 8-4 amateur record. Lets see what these guys have got.

Abed comes forward strong but Isaev catches him with a deft counter. Isaev grabs Abeds legs and pushes him up against the cage. Isaev’s left jab doing a good job of landing time and time again on Abed.

They tussle against the cage and Abed tries to lock onto a guillotine. Isaev pops his head out of the choke. They tussle with Isaev on top next to the cage.Isaev seems happy to keep this one where it is. Abed on the bottom and holding Isaev as close as he can to him. Isaev trying to posture up and deliver blow but Abed doing a good job of stopping him.

Abed has Isaev in a nasty looking crucifix but is using the position to deliver hammer fists from up top. Abed needs to look to get out of this one. If he makes if out of the round he is gonna be gassing.

Abed rolls! He ends up on top of Isaev against the cage. Abed in half guard looking for the opening to posture up. Short elbows from Abed! This is much better. 10 seconds left! Good strikes from Abed!

A rear naked choke to end the round!

I gotta give this one to Isaev 10-9 based on the strong start, but Abed made it very close near the end there!

Round 2: here we go. Abed takes the center of the cage. Isaev tries a spinning kick followed by a spinning punch but catches air. His jab lands again though. Patient build up from Abed. Abed rushes and grabs Isaevs waist against the cage. He is looking for the slam and gets it! Abed now in Isaevs guard against the cage and using his elbow to grind Isaevs face a little bit. Short punches from up top by Abed. Isaev still has Abed in his guard and isn’t letting him up. Abed using the space to deliver strikes. Abed stands and goes back down in Isaev’s half-guard. Abed now in full mount and delivers strikes from up top. Isaev turns near the cage and gives up his back. Abed takes the chance to try for the rear naked choke but Isaev has his chin in between

He taps! He’s out!

Mohammad Abed by submission!

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