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Mohammed Triki vs. Silvester Saba
Well, well, well…. This is an interesting one. Two Academia graduates who have been on a tear since they left the fighter house. Triki, who has dropped his weight from 77 to 70 since Academia, put on a great showing against Ahmad Al Boussairy before winning against Mohammad Hassan (albeit somewhat controversially).

Silvester Saba lost to Tareq Hamdi during his Academia stint but then went on to register a win against Blrdo. Silvester has nevever managed to put together 2 wins or 2 losses in a row. Coming off a win…. Is that a bad omen? Lets wait and see.

Interestingly enough, all of Silvester’s fights have gone to decision. That might be a global TriStar thing.

Here come both fighters. Saba comes out first followed by Triki who this time doesnt have Abdelali in his corner (you would assuming he is preparing for his fight next). Ahmad Darmaki in his corner this time. Yazan Ghattas the referee for this one.

Round 1: Here we go.

They touch gloves. Triki opens up with a low kick that lands and leaves an audible sound. Saba using some of those Jon Jones knee stompers! They trade and Triki has Saba down on the ground. Triki in Sabas guard. He postures up! Saba tries to stand but Triki has him in a guillotine which he uses to push Triki up against the cage.

Saba out of the choke. He has Triki up against the cage. THey jostle for position. Triki uses knees and short elbows to keep Saba guessing. They come off the cage and Triki throws a nice three strike combo. Strong low kick by Triki lands. Saba uses it to rush him and take him down.

Saba now in Trikis guard against the cage. Triki looks to be trying to turn for an armbar but cant find the necessary space. Saba tries a few short elbows. Triki delivers a strong elbow from the bottom.

Saba still holding Triki in position here. Both fighters looking dangerous from both positions.One minute remaining. Triki rolls off the cage and tries for an armbar. He doesnt get it but does get his back off the cage. Saba’s cardio isnt his strongest point so it will be interesting to see how this frantic pace will sit with him if this goes into the deep rounds.

Round 1 in the books. I gotta give that one to Triki 10-9. He did spend a good amount of time on the bottom but delivered some brutal punishment.

Round 2: Here we go.

Triki already standing in the middle of the cage. He looks like he means business. Saba’s corner just told him to not take his time standing up and to take this down asap.

They touch gloves. Saba lands that knee stomp again and Triki responds with a low kick of his own. They trade wild combos! Saba pushes Triki against the cage. Saba throws small jabs to Trikis thighs. He looks for the takedown but Triki defends well.

Triki pshes off the fence. Saba takes him right back there. Good short punch by Triki lands. Sabas corner calling for “more punishment”. Triki spins out and they are in the middle of the cage!

Triki has a decent bruise on the left side of his face. Triki lands a nasty left that resonates around the arena. Triki takes Saba down! Triki in Saba’s guard. He looks to posture up! He lands a few strikes, one of which snaps Saba’s head back. Triki stands and asks Saba to get up with him. Front kick by Triki lands. Both fighters now bloodied up. Low kick by Triki. Saba rushes Triki against the fence again but Triki manages to take it back to the center. Spinning kick lands on Sabas body. Another low kick lands by Triki. Saba goes for the takedown but ends up with Triki in full mount! Saba holds on to Trikis body but Triki delivers punishment from up top! This is looking brutal! Biiig elbow lands!

10-9 Triki!

The doctor is in the cage and is taking a close look at Saba. He looks pretty beat up :s wonder if this one will continue. He does look a bit worse for wear. Triki looks a little bit better but is visibly tired.

Round 3. Here we go!

Round 3: There is a bit of a longer break to wipe off all the water and blood. Yup…. its been that kind of fight.

Here we go!

They touch gloves. Saba goes for the takedown and has Triki up against the cage. Short punch by Triki lands. Saba jostling for position here looking to work for the take down. Triki looking for an angle to deliver strikes.

Saba content to sit him up against the cage. Triki throws a short knee that lands. The referee stands them up. Low kick by Triki lands. Triki grabs the back of Triki and slams him down! Triki now in Saba’s guard up against the cage! This is not where Saba wants to be. Triki posturing up and looking for the strikes. He throws three punches from up top that rattle Saba! Two hammer fists by Triki follow. Elbow lands from Triki. Triki throwing punches from up top. He allows Silvester back up!

Silvester takes him to the cage again. If Saba wants to win this round he is gonna have to do something quick. Saba looking for the takedown but Triki doing a god job of defending. Saba finally gets Triki down. Lets see what he can do from here. Saba in side mount.

ten seconds to go. Saba gets full mount and deliver strikes.

Saba slaps Triki as they are both on the ground!

That goes to Triki as well in my books. 10-9

Let’s see what the judges have to say



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