Desert Force 15 Official Weigh In Results

Desert Force 15 Official Weigh In Results


Abu Dhabi, UAE – ArabsMMA ( was on scene and reporting live from today’s official Desert Force 15 on MBC Action fighter weigh-ins.

The festivities took place at InterContinental Hotel Abu Dhabi, UAE, at 11.00 am local time. All fighters successfully made weight for tomorrow’s Desert Force 15 except for Tarek Suleiman and Serge Saad. Tarek came in a few pounds overweight and will have to cut them down before the second attempt at 9.00am tomorrow morning, as stated by the commission. Serge Saad on the other hand has agreed to give his fight purse to his opponent Lois Cadet.

Mohammad Fakhreddine and Jarrah Al Silawi faced off in what seemed to be the most intense moment that night! Also on the scale were Christopher Silva, Gabriel Tayeh, Aniss Hajjajy, Cris Hadji, Elias Boudegzdame, Lois Cadet, Serge Saad, Mehdi Hassan, Nordine Hadjar, Haitham Badr vs Khidoom Alkaabi, Yousef Abu Shreekh, and Abdulrahman Abdulrahman.

Desert Force 15 Weigh In Results:

  • Ahmad Boussairy (70.2Kg) vs Mohammad Yahya (70.4Kg)
  • Christofer Silva (76.6Kg) vs Tarek Suleiman (79.4Kg)
  • Gabriel Tayeh (72.8Kg) vs Aniss Hajjajy (71Kg)
  • Cris Hadji (62.8Kg) vs Elias Boudegzdame (63.2Kg)
  • Lois Cadet (65.9Kg) vs Serge Saad (69Kg)
  • Victor Monfort (76.8Kg) vs Rami Hamed (77.3Kg)
  • Ahmed Saeb (77.3Kg) vs Georges Eid (77.3Kg)
  • Jarrah Al Selawi (77.3Kg) vs Mohammad Fakhreddine (77Kg)
  • Mehdi Hassan (91.9Kg) vs Nordine Hadjar (93.2Kg)
  • Salaheddine Dekhissi (83.6Kg) vs Majjid Sadiq (82.7Kg)
  • Haitham Badr (65.2Kg) vs Khidoom Alkaabi (66.7Kg)
  • Yousef Abu Shreekh (129.5Kg) vs Abdulrahman Abdulrahman (117Kg)

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