Tristar Gym’s Joeshwa Mortada In Jordan for Training Camp


Tristar Gym’s Joeshuwa Mortada, the well-known Lebanese amateur fighter, accompanied by team mates Georges Bardawil and Andrew Tarraf, headed to Jordan this last week for a a tough Mixed Martial Arts training camp with Jordan’s Team Narmouq Combat Sambo – Gladiators Gym.

Training camps hosted by Mixed Martial Arts Gyms and Academies around the world are not uncommon between friendly relationships, such as the one existing between Lebanon’s Tristar Gym and Jordan’s Team Narmouq.

Both reap benefits of the two way dynamic from the teaching and learning experience; of sharing, learning, improving, and growing the skills of fighter within the realm of MMA. For the love of the sport, the good sportsmanship is well respected and expected.

Good sportsmanship is one of the qualities that Joeshwa is renowned for along with professionalism, and love of the sport. Not only is he a skilled ambitious fighter, but also one who takes pride and enjoyment from teaching and mentoring others to the best of his abilities who knows how beneficial it can be to train under a variety of coaches from time to time. Having the opportunity to travel and train with Team Narmouq’s head coach Timour Narmouq is a valuable experience for his skill set. Every coach has different teaching methods and different techniques to gain from, which can broaden and modify a fighter’s style and ability.

This camp has been one step in his preparations for the year to come, as Mortada prepares to compete in the Lebanese MMA championship in hopes of representing Lebanon in the World MMA Amateur Championship 2015 to be held later this year, announced recently by the IMMAF.


Mortada had the opportunity to take part in it in Las Vegas last year without making it as far as he would’ve liked and is planning to do so this year. Even though he has received offers from amateur and pro promotions this past year, his focus is on competing and succeeding in the World MMA Amateur Championship. One big target for this serious fighter, who hopes to turn pro by 2016.

Not many amateur fighters have the will, the want, the dedication, and the discipline to become a professional like this focused fighter. He lives, breathes, and dreams it. Joeshuwa Mortada is one to keep an eye out for; only big and brilliant things will come from his hard work and dedication to MMA.

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