Desert Force 15 – Tarek Suleiman Vs Christofer Silva Ruled Out As No Contest

Desert Force 15 live card saw a fight between welterweights Tarek Suleiman and Christofer Silva.

Suleiman Vs Silva

Desert Force 15 live card saw a fight between welterweights Tarek Suleiman and Christofer Silva. Both did everything they can to finish each other at every moment in the fight. In round two, Silva shot and took Suleiman down, but the latter started landing controversial elbows that ended the bout by TKO.

In response to the appeal requested by Christopher Silva and his team on February 9th, an investigation was open by the new Arab MMA Commission.

Based on video and photographic evidence that was utilized during the investigation, Christofer Silva was receiving a multitude of questionable strikes from Tarek Suleiman. The strikes included 12 to 6 elbows, elbows behind the ear (considered back of the head), and ultimately ended with 4 to 5 significant punches to the back of the head.

According to the commission and to the unified rules of MMA, any strike landing behind the ear or on the back of the head is also considered illegal. Had Tarek Suleiman been previously warned about his striking and continued to utilize them, the referee should have called time to determine if Silva was able to continue, followed by the course of action to be taken. (Deduct a point or disqualify Tarek)

It is also worth mentioning that each fighter is responsible for the target and direction of their strikes regardless of the movement of their opponent.

It is the opinion of the commission that the strikes to the back of Silva’s head were the determining factor and led to the outcome of the fight.

Full MMA Commission Notice of Ruling enclosed HERE


Watch the full fight video HERE.

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