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Desert Force 18 – Mohamad Ghorabi: Every Fight Is A Title Fight For Me

Desert Force Beirut a little bit less than one week away


Desert Force Beirut a little bit less than one week away, and that means fans are getting closer and closer to witnessing their hometown favorite Mohammad Ghorabi make his comeback to the cage.

Desert Force 18 takes place on the 17th of August, at the “Hikmeh” Stadium in Ghazir.

Coming up short in his latest appearance fighting for the title against Mounir Lazzez, Ghorabi has a lot to prove when he faces Youness Mikiss on home turf this Monday.

With a serious tone, Ghorabi stated that every fight is a title fight for him. That is surely bad news for the new comer Mikiss who is looking to make a big impact if he pulls out a victory against a fighter like Ghorabi.

Mohammad Ghorabi:

“Right now I feel the readiest I have ever been in all aspects of my game! I am training with the best people.
After my title fight with Mounir, I directly went back to training, this time with double the concentration and double the effort.”

Is Ghorabi overlooking Mikkiss or will this be his motive to face Lazzez again? The Lebanese Killer had more to say about the current champ than his upcoming fight. No blame here, making it a habit to knock people out and then facing someone like “The Sniper” can seriously get to a fighter’s head, yet with Ghorabi’s experience such issue can’t really take over.

“I don’t really care who I face, each and every fight is a title fight for me and Desert Force officials will decide for themselves of when I take another shot at the title.”

“I am really eager to face Mounir Lazzez, doesn’t have to be for the title. I want to fight him again. I am all set now. No excuses, what’s done is done and Mounir might win again but right now I feel am on a different level mentally and physically and if I face him again, it’s going to be a totally different story.”

Youness Mikiss has been spotted training with Bechir Majri who had had an encounter with Ghorabi on a previous occasion. The fight was preceded by trash talk between the two, all that was settled in the cage by Mohammad Ghorabi. When asked about this, Ghorabi had one thing to say:

“It doesn’t really matter who is he training with, I train with the best and that’s what matters.”

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