Desert Force Al Academiya 2 Airs September 15 on MBC Action

With the summer season coming to a close, MMA fans are in for a treat


With the summer season coming to a close, MMA fans are in for a treat as the second season of Desert Force Al Academiya gets ready to air on September 15 on MBC action. This season comes with a crazy twist and new bunch of 32 fighters from the best gyms in the Region ready to prove themselves as the best in the house.

As the previous one, season 2 features two weight classes in the tournament. The two weight classes for this season will be Bantamweight (61 Kg), the newest weight class introduced to the promotion and Featherweight division with its Champion Abdelkareem Al Selwady and the Challenger Julaidan. (66 Kg).

Abdulkareem Al Selwady:

Al Academia season 2 was a really nice experience for me, it was nice training all of these fighters and seeing them improve during the camp. What is different about this season is that Aziz and I will fight at the season Finale Inshallah.

This season comes with different challenges, many young hungry fighters, and much more surprises. MMA fans would regret not watching it!

Aziz Julaidan is eager to fight against a worthy opponent who will be defending his title. This will happen after all!

Aziz Julaidan:

Every fight had a different theme, one of the weight class is new to desert force (61 kg) with super-fast athletes. All the fighters fought with their soul and heart! Most of the fights were similar to a title fight to me, I guess after seeing the opportunities of what fighters got in season 1, it motivated the fighter in this new season to give it all, the fighters actually had to fight to get chance to fight, the challenges were as tough as hell, too much surprises, unexpected results and lots tensions around. Now that we finished filming the second season of al academia, I will focus on my main goal which is fighting Abdulkareem and earning the 66kg title.

It will also be exciting to witness how things evolve with the Al Academia show after the first one being such a successful hit. One cannot help, but wonder how the action packed show will be bigger and better this time around than the previous. Also, it will be even more interesting to discover new talents at the 61 and 66 KG weight divisions in the Arab region.

For those who missed the first season, check out the fights and Finale here.

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